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Steven Spice " I am a warrior, I am chiari strong and I will never give up! "
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Récents Contributeurs

Nicole Gordon Montant: $ 20 Date de réception06/24/2020
"You are doing so well Steven keep it up from one Chiari warrior to the next you inspire me. ..."
Ines Branco Date de réception06/18/2020
Deborah Tanovich Montant: $ 50 Date de réception06/17/2020
"Keep up the good work ..."
Andrea Agostinelli Montant: $ 25 Date de réception06/16/2020
"Way to go! Keep up the great work !..."
Rosemary Tanovich Montant: $ 50 Date de réception06/15/2020
"Good luck Steven!!! You are an amazing kid. 😊😊..."
Tracy Tanovich Montant: $ 25 Date de réception06/11/2020
"Good Luck Steven, you are amazing...."
Carly Chencinski Montant: $ 20 Date de réception06/10/2020
Cassandra Batty Montant: $ 10 Date de réception06/9/2020
"You got this !!!! ..."